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March 2005

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New Reviews: Two of them
March 17, 2005 (9:52 PM) ( link )

ADDED reviews of Lyda Morehouse's Archangel Protocol (not recommended) and editor Michael Chabon's McSweeney's Mammoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales (mildly recommended).

CJ Cherryh's Cyteeen is extremely tough going. I'm a couple of chapters into it right now and still baffled about what the hell exactly is going on. Maybe I'm wearying of science fiction (it happens every once in a while); for some reason I find myself drawn to more literary fiction, like Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children (which still hews pretty close to the speculative fiction line) or, astoundingly for me, nonfiction like Rebecca Goldstein's book on Kurt Godel, or one of Barbara Tuchman's elegant histories. We'll see how long I can stick with Cherryh, whose previous books I intensely disliked anyway.

New Reviews: Stephen King's Dark Tower Series, China Mieville's Iron Council
March 15, 2005 (5:13 AM) ( link )

ADDED reviews of Stephen King's The Dark Tower Series and China Mieville's Iron Council.

Fair warning: I heartily disliked the last half of King's series, and so disliked the series as a whole. This will not endear me to King fans or Dark Tower fans (among whom I still do count myself), just as my rather strong dislike of Guy Gavriel Kay has led these good people to heap abuse on me. Ah well. Fortunately other people who disagree with me are much nicer, and not too much of my self esteem is tied up in this website anyway; I just wanted to provide fair warning to anybody who has strong positive feelings toward the Dark Tower series.

Iron Council is the last book from 2004 that I read; so far there are nine books from this year that I've yet to review. I'm trying to read Cyteen right now; it's really tough going.

New Reviews: Four of them
March 12, 2005 (10:06 PM) ( link )

ADDED reviews of Jasper Fforde's Lost in a Good Book and The Well of Lost Plots, Alastair Reynolds's Absolution Gap, and Martha Wells's The Death of the Necromancer.

I've been sick recently, hence infrequent postings here and on my other site. Forgive any hallucinatory reviews.

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